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1st POST: We have relaunched our website!
Our new website works on all devices!

We have relaunched our website!

We are proud to announce the first re-launch step of our company website, www.usability-people.com. And hope that you like it, too. Read on to know our relaunch story - and how it continues.

After 10 years working for our customers to the fullest we finally found the time and resources to adapt our own company website to the latest design and online marketing requirements.

We started the re-creation with a couple of goals in mind:

  • Improved SEO and SEM suitability to improve search engine visibility and ranking
  • Growing site conversion by offering our visitors a combination of modern, attractive look and feel with utility and economy of time
  • Use User Experience ("UX") Design approaches like Design Thinking and Material Design to reach our design goals
  • To offer this improved experience device-independent ("responsive")
  • To include tips and opinions triggering social media sharing by offering a UX and Usability Blog
  • To cater international and domestic (i. e. German) visitors

Given the outdated previous state of our site we came across that this huge effort cannot be reached in a single, big attempt. So we decided for a staged approach:

  1. Prepare the HOME page in a way that it works well as a stand-alone solution for weeks or months for the international visitors by offering a one-pager
  2. Adapt it for our domestic German audience
  3. Transformation of the English and German one-pagers into full websites - first in English, then in German

Within a short time we will complete the English legal pages section followed by step 1 to 3 of the above stages list. For the near future we also plan a newsletter and to continue this Blog.

So stay tuned-in and check our posts in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!


María del Carmen Martinez & Ralph Hinderberger

CEOs, Usability People International GmbH